About Habib Rizieq

The means Habib Rizieq preaches has its own color. He selected a unique path from the Habib and different students in broadcasting monotheism teachings. His onerous and strict perspective generally shows in street action with the monotheism Defenders Front.

The man born in capital of Indonesia, August 24, 1965, is that the son of Hussein Shihab and Sidah Alatas. once he was eleven months previous, Rizieq's father died. Since then, Rizieq has been cared for by her own mother. Despite being abandoned by his father, Rizieq still received steering from his mother and non secular teacher at the musjid wherever he was reciting.

Not amazingly, even supposing he failed to enter the religious school, Rizieq's understanding of faith was terribly outstanding compared to his friends at that point. Rizieq himself selected elementary and secondary colleges publically education establishments.

Entering school, Habib Rizieq was seriously learning at AN monotheism university in Saudi Arabia|Asian country|Asian nation}. He took the Department of monotheism Studies (Fikh and Ushul Fikh), King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He even had time to travel on to the International monotheism University between Nations, Malaya even supposing it had been not finished.

Armed with the information he has, Habib Rizieq began serving the community by changing into lecturer and teacher of the Quran within the talim and musjid assemblies. together with his activities, he was additionally active in organizations as members of Jami'at Kheir, AN monotheism organization for Arab Indonesian circles.

Also during this organization, Habib Riziek was appointed because the Principal of Jamiat Kheir Aliyah religious school, Jakarta. additionally, he was additionally given the mandate as a member of the sharia law Board of BPRS At-Taqwa, Tangerang, Co-Director of variety of Jabotabek talim assemblies, and President Director of Markaz Syariah.

Along with the journey of missionary work and issues, Habib Rizieq and a number of other habib and body established the monotheism Defenders Front (FPI) organization. This organization was initial launched at its residence in Petamburan, capital of Indonesia and declared at Al-Umm monotheism private school, Ciputat, Tangerang on August seventeen, 1998.

The organization fashioned by Habib Rizieq contains a vision and mission to implement monotheism Shari'a in kafah beneath the auspices of the Khilafah Islamiyah per the Manhaj Nubuwwah, through the implementation of missionary work, social control of hisbah and also the observe of jihad.

Since the institution of FPI, the name Habib Rizieq is wide called the founder, general chairman and high priest. The actions of Habib Rizieq and FPI usually actor polemics. the varied execs and cons among the folks area unit invariably in tatters. The terribly brave character of Habib Rizieq once dragged him into the realm of law. many times he had restricted the police, not creating Habib Rizieq's kapok in preaching.

He even dared to look ahead once there have been cases of alleged blasphemy by the incumbent Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok. He was with Habaib, alim-ulama, asatidz, and thousands of Muslims command an indication before of the Presidential Palace, on Nov four, 2016. They demanded justice and also the detention of Ahok. (AKC)

Parents: Hussein Shihab and Sidah Alatas
Wife: Syarifah Fadhlun Yahya

SDN one Petamburan, capital of Indonesia (1975)
SMP forty Pejompongan, Jakarta
Bethel Petamburan Christian lycee, capital of Indonesia (1979)
SMAN 4, Gambir, Jakarta
Islamic Village highschool, Tangerang (1982)
S1 Department of monotheism Studies (Jurisprudence and Ushul) King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1990)
Master of monotheism Studies, University of Inter-Nation, Malaysia

Kepsek religious school Aliyah Jamiat Kheir, Jakarta
Syariat Board of BPRS At-Taqwa, Tangerang
The coach of variety of the Talim Jabotabek Assembly
President Director of Markaz Syariah
Founder of the monotheism Defenders Front (FPI)
High Priest of the monotheism Defenders Front (FPI)